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Thanks to the “coronavirus”1, 2, 3 “pandemic”, William Henry “Bill” Gates III4 remains firmly in the headlines.

Bill Gates as a threat to humanity (no exaggeration) is not a surprise here.  Back in 2006, before I was ever aware of Rome’s role behind the scenes, I mirrored a little-known5 “” article which showed the true ideology behind Gates and those around him via the focus of his “philanthropy”.

  • for illegal immigration posing as “refugee relief”6
  • against the Constitutional right of a private citizen to own a firearm
  • against tax cuts for Middle Class producers7
  • against humanity: pro abortion and pro vaccine8

The 1998 article also noted that the re-branding of Bill Gates as a Santa Claus was both recent and underwhelming: he has only donated a small fraction of his wealth and the highlighted recipients show Gates to be more of a Satan Claus.9

In 2014, Gates threw his massive purse into the ring with another wealthy enemy of citizen firearm ownership, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and packaged it with false flag compassion via the face of “Sandy Hook grieving mother” Nicole Hockley to ram through Washington State’s “Initiative 594”.  Gates, alone, donated one million dollars.

Well, not alone; his wife Melinda doesn’t like guns, either.

She is a very devoted, pro-abortion eugenics Catholic10 who dutifully obeys the agendas of her Church such as taking guns away from private citizens (spun as a “response” to “gun violence”).

According to Melinda, “Really good quality sex education starts very, very early.

She and Bill regularly attend Mass together but that fact is kept well-hidden from the general public.

Papal Court Billionaire

Michael Bloomberg is no stranger to scandal.  Although Jewish, the former Mayor of New York City is a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta.

He’s also a friend of pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein.11

Gates and his handlers wield his wealth like a deadly weapon of deception.  “Journalists”12 are very eager to spin any inconvenient facts away from the general public such as this sterling piece from “Reuters” attempts to do:


Unfortunately, the crack investigators at Reuters didn’t seem bothered by this New York Times headline just the year before (complete with a grainy, low-resolution photograph13)—

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

In 2016, my team and I put out a pair of articles highlighting the Bill Gates vaccination agenda.

We explored the possibility that the “Zica virus” which had plagued Brazil was genetically-modified and man-made for just that purpose.  The delivery was by mosquito and it’s not the stuff of science fiction.  Gates has repeatedly floated the idea with a copious coating of “it’ll be good for you” such as the “malaria-killing mosquito” he and his wife donated $4 million to see to fruition.

Gates is frequently promoted at the aptly-named14 “TED” conference: “Technology, Entertainment, Design”.

It must be funny to someone like Bill Gates to fill an auditorium with people willing to pay $10,000 just for 18 minutes of his “brilliance”.

In 2009, he laughed even harder when he loosed a jar of mosquitoes upon his fawning admirers to supposedly “make a point about malaria”.  It was okay, they laughed too.

As we noted in our 2016 article—

Bill Gates And The Shocking Genetically-Modified Jesuit Agenda to Depopulate Brazil: Are We Next?

—Gates admitted in a 2010 talk that, in his crusade to reduce the world population (and keep useless eaters from consuming resources critical to running mansions and owning private islands), vaccines play a vital role.

If you’re thinking, that sounds like an oxymoron, you’re right.  Vaccines are supposed to prolong life, not shorten it.  Let’s call that a Malthusian slip (like Charles Darwin, Thomas Malthus is the English “non-Catholic” face on a very Catholic, anti-human agenda).

We noted in our follow-on article—

Gates Foundation Eugenics: A Secret Agenda To Send Humanity Back To The Vatican-Controlled Dark Ages?

—that, for Bill and Melinda Gates, India was their vaccination playground and they have left a wake of crippled and dead children behind them.

The Gates Foundation’s “Oral Poliovirus Vaccine” (also known as “OPV”) has the dubious dishonor of causing more polio then was supposedly “in the wild”.

That probably seems like an odd way to characterize a virus.  Don’t blame it on “journalists”, they’re struggling to put a face on the viral boogeyman much the same way as we are fed “computer images” of the “coronavirus” or “deep space”.

“HPV Vaccine”

According to “user-edited” Wikipedia

Human papillomavirus infection (HPV infection) is an infection caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), a DNA virus from the Papillomaviridae family.[4]  About 90% of HPV infections cause no symptoms and resolve spontaneously within two years.[1]  However, in some cases, an HPV infection persists and results in either warts or precancerous lesions.[2]  These lesions, depending on the site affected, increase the risk of cancer of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, mouth, or throat.[1][2]  Nearly all cervical cancer is due to HPV; two strains, HPV16 and HPV18, account for 70% of cases.[1][6]  Between 60% and 90% of the other cancers listed above are also linked to HPV.[6]  HPV6 and HPV11 are common causes of genital warts and laryngeal papillomatosis.[1]

Of course, none of this you can verify yourself, nor does the “user” explain how a “site affected” could be the mouth or anus.15

Cancer (the abnormal or out-of-control replication of malfunctioning cells) is an $80 billion-a-year business.

Once you’re diagnosed with cancer, putting yourself in the hands of modern “medicine” gives you a 3% chance of surviving.

The “treatments” will humiliate you with hair loss, burn you, poison you and…give you a new cancer.

Yet, millions of us continue to willingly subject ourselves to the tender care of “Doctors” because, they’re the experts who wear white lab coats and mask their “expertise” in the ancient language or Rome: Latin (just like lawyers do).  Interesting coincidence how both professions are two of the most lucrative.

When it dawns on you that “modern medicine” is taking all your money and giving you a slow, agonizing death for it, you’re encouraged by Hollywood that it’s “courageous” to do it anyway!

The highest priority of the cancer industry is to bleed the common citizen, both financially and physically.  True healing is carefully avoided though it is available.

Today, “medicine” is built upon the scam of using pharmaceuticals to address symptoms without providing a cure for the actual malady.  This charade comes courtesy of ordained Jesuit Priests16 like Girolamo Fracastoro and Athanasius Kircher.

Known as “Germ Theory”, it has been miscredited to devout Roman Catholic Louis Pasteur to distract from the Company’s bloody fingerprints.

“Germ Theory” is a simple-enough slight-of-hand: when an autopsy was conducted on someone who died of sickness, bacteria was found in the body.  The incorrect causal deduction was drawn that the bacteria was the root of the sickness when it was actually the result.

Real medicine examines the body in its entirety: environment, diet, daily stress and posture, etc.  Opposing Pasteur (who was, himself, a Jesuit proxy) was a rare French Protestant named Antoine Béchamp.  His “terrain theory” may today be described as “Holism” (which is, actually, misspelled from “whole-ism”).17  It is slandered as “Holistic medicine” when, in actuality, it’s real medicine.

In late 1979, Hollywood actor Steve McQueen was diagnosed with Mesothelioma18 — a cancer of soft tissue around the body’s internal organs often caused by exposure to asbestos.  Rather than subject himself to standard “treatment”, McQueen traveled to Mexico for “unconventional” therapy.  He died the following year at the young age of 50.

Sources close to me have stated that, in fact, McQueen was cured of his cancer and was at risk of making it public which couldn’t be allowed so he was murdered.

Although this sounds like dark “conspiracy theory” there is another similar case: the “mystery” of Ronald Reagan’s cured colon cancer.

“Mainstream media” promoted the idea that surgery was Reagan’s cure but the truth is that the Communist actor took secret trips to Mexico and Germany for therapy not available to the common citizen.

What kept Ronald Reagan from suffering a fate similar to Steve McQueen19 was that the “Patriot President” had no desire to share his miracle cure with the public.

The Windows-Funded Gates-Way To Death

The vaccine industry is being championed by arch opportunist William Henry Gates, III: an individual with no medical training and even less motivation to do good for humanity.

Bill (or his handlers) found that he had hit upon a golden goose when it was reported to him that he could make a 20-to-1 killing off vaccine investment.  It was also quite convenient to find that said vaccines were killing off many of the useless eaters in the process.

This is the same formula that was discovered by John David Rockefeller over a century earlier regarding cancer.  He got the idea from his father, a literal snake-oil salesman who was such a scurrilous, unprincipled individual that even “user-edited” Wikipedia admits his nickname was “Devil Bill”.20

A 1949 book on the Pharmaceutical industry tells us this about the Rockefeller drug scam:

Thirty years ago the Standard Oil Company became impressed with the methods of the big packing houses which used, processed and sold every part of the hog but the squeal.

Their sales research department went ‘way back to the 1860’s when “Old Bill” Rockefeller, the itinerant pappy of John D. (the first) and a patent medicine showman, used to palm off bottled raw petroleum on the yokels as a cure for cancer.

“Old Bill” was an upstate New York farmer until 1850.  He moved to Cleveland then, entered the patent medicine racket and had himself listed as a “physician” in the city directory.  In selling raw petroleum in a pretty bottle “Old Bill” did nothing new.

He merely took a page out of the book of other patent medicine fakirs who were then hawking their wares from the backs of wagons — covered and uncovered.  When oil was discovered in northwest Pennsylvania (1850) the jackals of the oil trade found there was more gold in the jeans of the gullible yokels than there was in working for it in the oil fields.

They began to bottle the raw petroleum and palm it off under various names as a cure for everything under the sun.  The popular maladies of the day were liver complaint, cholera morbus, consumption and bronchitis.  Among the names given this raw petroleum were “Seneca Oil,” “Rock Oil” and “American Medicinal Oil.”

“Old Bill” opened up a new field for himself.  He called his bottled petroleum “Nujol” (meaning new oil) and sold it to those who had cancer and those whom he could make fear they would have it.

This sounded good to Standard’s researchists. It sounded even better when they found it cost but $2.00 a barrel to concoct Nujol from crude petroleum.  And that from one barrel of the raw stuff they could make 1,000 six-ounce bottles of finished Nujol.  Instead of calling it a cure for cancer they called it a cure for constipation.

The latest trade catalog lists Nujol as going to the druggist at 28-2/3 cents a half pint (8 fluid ounces).  The druggist thus pays about 21 cents for a 6-ounce bottle of Nujol which costs Standard Oil 1/5 of a cent.

These breath-taking profits from Nujol make it inevitable that America’s largest and most ruthless industrial combine (the Rockefeller Empire) should soon add the drug traffic to its already vast production and sales domain.  It wasn’t until 1939, however, that the Drug Trust was formed and the upward curve in their drug profits began to assume the present gigantic proportions which today make it a macabre $10,000,000,000 a year business.21

Thanks to another scam — the so-called “Federal Reserve” central bank — that 1949 $10 billion has had a one thousand percent inflation rate to become $110 billion.

The Rockefellers have been very useful to the Vatican; conducting mass crimes against humanity with little overt connection to Rome unless you dig a little deeper to find things like the Priest who was a special confident of John David Rockefeller.  One might even call him a “handler”.

John “J.P.” Lennon was such a close friend of “John D.” that they often played golf together, then the Priest would spend the night to join his host the next morning for a typical Rockefeller “sumptuous breakfast”.22

Pre-Empting Death With Death

Given the 97% chance that a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence, people are understandably paranoid.

As long ago as 2015, medical journals were promising us that 50% of the populace — one out of every two of us — will get cancer at some point in their lifetime.

The outrage of modern medicine providing neither cure nor relief for cancer is ameliorated by multi-billion-dollar tax-exempt industries of bread and circuses like the National Football League that regularly dresses it’s million-dollar players in pink to tell us how much they sympathize with us as we waste away and die.

If you’re still upset over your little girl or little boy slowly wasting away, we can give them a photo-op with one of our multi-millionaire notables.

We are also convinced that, rather than aim our well-placed anger at the cancer industry and the frauds we trust for our well-being, we should “pre-empt” cancer by maiming ourselves.

If a woman is predicted by “Doctors” as “likely to get breast cancer”, she should cut those healthy breasts off before that insidious cancer ever shows up.

As perverse and insane as that sounds, we are encouraged by both Hollywood and “journalism” to get this done.  The apotheosis of Aphrodite, herself — Angelina Jolie — had both her perfect breasts wicked off…or so we are told.

Although she may not be as hyper-devout a Catholic as her successful actor father, Jon Voight, she does openly admit a warmth for “her mother’s Catholicism”.

Angelina probably calls it “her mother’s Catholicism” because Papa Jon’s Conservatism makes her squirm.  After all, she prefers to wear the blood of her beaus’ around her neck.

One of her three husbands, “Semi-Catholic” Billy Bob Thornton (himself, married and divorced twice as often) explained the story to an audience of adoring students at Jesuit Loyola Marymount in California’s “City of Angels”.

By coincidence, the jewelry looked resoundingly similar to a Roman Catholic rosary.

If maiming yourself to pre-empt a cancer death-sentence isn’t overwhelmingly appealing, the pharmaceutical industry has a solution: an “anti-cancer” vaccine!

There may be some side-effects, of course, like sterilization and…more cancer.

That’s certainly the case for “human papillomavirus” vaccines such as Merck’s “Gardasil”.

Although the “Food and Drug Administration” is charged with protecting the citizenry from such harm, only a Freedom of Information Act petition can elicit that the agency had knowledge as early on as 2011 of almost 30 deaths from “Gardasil”, alone.

Rarely, you’ll find medical whistleblowers like Doctor Gérard Delépine writing for medical blogs —

Gardasil: The Anticancer Vaccination That Increases The Risk Of Cervical Cancer In Young Women

Magical protection against cancer is big business and when it lines the pockets of crooked politicians, the people suffer.23

In 2007, Texas Governor Rick Perry issued a so-called “Executive Order” commanding that all 11 and 12 year-old girls in Texas shall take a mandatory Gardasil shot.

This presaged the age of coronavirus tyranny where Governors and Mayors across America (and similar “Executive” politicians across the world) suddenly discovered they, too, had the autocratic power of “Executive Order”.

Perry ascended to power in Right-minded Texas after his Leftist Democrat past was just as magically re-branded as “Conservative” and “Republican”.

Why not?  The same masquerade worked for Ronald Reagan and still does to this day.

Although Reagan has been branded as the “reckless tax-cutter”, the Reagan/Bush team increased taxes.  Perhaps the “President” finally succumbed to his rival’s insult that lowering taxes during a recession was “voodoo economics”.

When Irish Roman Catholic Leftist House Speaker Thomas Phillip “Tip” OʹNeill Jr. handed Reagan a bill that legalized millions of Roman Catholic illegal aliens, he signed it.

When the Vatican-controlled far-Left Congress made military-grade firearms24 impossible for non-millionaires to attain, Reagan signed it.  Far-Left “journalists” have spun this outrage as Reagan “learning to love gun control”.  The reality is that Reagan showed as Governor of California he was no friend of the Bill of Rights.  If you ever need to know what a piece of legislation does (because you have gotten lost, as intended, by thousands of pages of lawyer-speak), all you need to do is invert the name, such as this 1986 “Firearm Owners Protection Act”.

Perhaps, worst of all, Reagan signed a bill that gave Big Pharma a taxpayer-funded blanket of protection to maim and kill with vaccines; the inversely-named “National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act”.

In 2014, the Washington Times printed a devastating exposé of “HPV vaccines” by Chiropractic Specialist Dr. Peter Lind, of Salem, Oregon.  Lind started with the shocking information gleaned from a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information request.

A massive number of people have been victimized by vaccines in general and HPV vaccines like “Gardasil” in particular.  Very few of them have the awareness or ability to sue for damages.  Even so, thanks to Ronald Reagan and his then-Democrat Congress, American taxpayers have shelled out25 six million dollars to the benefit of Big Pharma.

Judicial Watch announced it has received documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that its National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has awarded $5,877,710 dollars to 49 victims in claims made against the highly controversial HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines.  To date 200 claims have been filed with VICP, with barely half adjudicated. …

“This new information from the government shows that the serious safety concerns about the use of Gardasil have been well-founded.  Public health officials should stop pushing Gardasil on children.” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The CDC recommends the Gardasil vaccine, made by Merck Pharmaceuticals, for all females between 9 and 26 years …  Furthermore, the CDC says Gardasil is licensed, safe, and effective for males ages 9 through 26 years.

The facts appear to contradict the FDA’s safety statements.  The adverse reaction reports detail 26 new deaths reported between 1 September 2010 and 15 September 2011 as well as incidents of seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.  The documents come from the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which is used by the FDA to monitor the safety of vaccines.

That’s 26 reported deaths of young, previously healthy, girls after Gardasil vaccination in just one year.

In response to the concern about death reports among those who received Gardasil, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) insists “there was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine.”

Wishing to maximize profits even further, Merck got Gardasil through the sieve of United States government “regulators” at record pace to be quickly unleashed upon American children.

Merck studied the Gardasil vaccine in fewer than 1,200 girls under 16 prior to it being released to the market under a fast-tracked road to licensure.  To date, most of the serious side effects, including deaths, that occurred during the pre-licensure clinical trials and post marketing surveillance have been written off as a “coincidence” by Merck researchers and government health officials.

The rationale behind pushing the vaccine was less than “medical”.

From its inception, the use of HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases has been hotly disputed.  According to the Annals of Medicine: “At present there are no significant data showing that either Gardasil or Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) can prevent any type of cervical cancer since the testing period employed was too short to evaluate long-term benefits of HPV vaccination.”

Worst of all are those children who are given the vaccine without the full knowledge or understanding of their guardians.

HPV vaccines have been illegally administered to millions without informed consent, as the risks rarely disclosed.

Not only are there questions about the safety of the vaccine, there are questions about the need for the vaccine.  Over 90 percent of women infected with HPV clear the infection naturally within two years, at which point cervical cells go back to normal.

Meanwhile, Merck is benefitting tremendously from vaccine sales.  The vaccine is expected to reach $1 billion in sales next year, and could reach more than $4 billion in sales in five years, according to Wall Street analysts.

On the 5th of May in 2009, the then-President of Rockefeller University, Paul Nurse, hosted a very secret meeting for some of the wealthiest in the world at his posh Manhattan residence.

The attendees included David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner (also well-known for his strong desire to cull the masses), Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Jewish property billionaire Eli Broad, billionaire banker Peter Peterson, “poverty activist” Patricia “Patty” Stonesifer (former CEO of the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”), billionaire “businessman” John Morgridge and Michael Bloomberg among others.

Although the meeting had a complete black-out regarding the topics discussed, “IrishCentral” (who broke the story) assures us that it was very, very secret because the most malicious multi-billionaires in the world wanted to figure out how to out-do each other in giving all their vast wealth away.

More cynical and less “mainstream” sources tell us that what we suspect is true.  It was very, very secret because they spoke of an agenda we would be angry over: “depopulation”.

Given incidents like this, when we’re told that “vaccines” supposedly designed to “prevent” ovarian cancer in young girls and boys tends to sterilize them, it makes us wonder if this was by design.

For girls like Olivia and Madelyne Meylor of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, it’s no laughing matter.  As they left their teenage years, they also left any hope of having a family.  The only hope they had after that was to petition the United States government to give them a taxpayer-funded victim settlement.

“Conservative” Chameleons

Ronald Wilson Reagan was not the first, of course, to be the beneficiary of this political slight-of-hand.

Reagan spent the entirety of his Hollywood life as a radical Leftist before his re-branding as a “Conservative”.

Donald Trump also leaned Left before his rebranding; somehow, Americans bought that, too.

ENJOYING THE GAME.  The wealthy Elite enjoy the rarified air of golf at Donald Trump’s “Briarcliff Manor”, in New York, where the phony Right pals around with the far-Left.

From left-to-right: Rudolph Giuliani (“Republican”), Donald Trump (Democrat-Republican), Michael Bloomberg (Democrat-Republican-Independent-Democrat), Bill Clinton (Democrat), Joe Torre (registered Republican but offended by Donald Trump26) and Billy Crystal (actively supports Leftist Democrats with generous donations).

The afore-mentioned Jewish Knight of Malta billionaire, Michael Bloomberg switched from Democrat to Republican to get elected as Mayor of New York City in November of 2001 after the reign of his Catholic cross-dressing predecessor, Rudolf Giuliani.  He then alternatively switched to “Independent” and back to Democrat, depending upon whatever his political witch-doctors told him was the most appealing to his prospective voters.

Rudy Giuliani’s best drag performance was a 2000 “gag” for “journalists” in which he presented his fake breasts to America’s future President and his future boss27, Donald Trump.

Giuliani proved himself a worthy enough gate-keeper to rule New York City during (at that time) the most devastating false flag28 in human history by covering up the Satanic rituals of rape and torture against the children of soldiers at West Point.

This article from The Daily Kos notes that the pattern I disclosed in my exposé Eaters of Children was also maintained: no criminal proceedings were undertaken against the pedophile Satanists and, instead, the United States taxpayer bought the victim families off with hush money.

During the civil proceedings, an independent medical team from UPenn was brought in as well to investigate the abuse.  When all was said and done, the army paid 11 families $2.7 million in a settlement.  It seems like Giuliani had the good fortune of his name being kept out of the New York Times article that covered the settlement in 1991 (even though he was a NYC mayoral candidate in 1989 and of course gearing up to run again in 1993).

An interesting character on Reddit,29 whom I once interviewed, has made the accusation (which you must now ask his permission to see) that the University of Pennsylvania is a secular school that is secretly run by the Jesuits.  Given the alumni, particularly out of the “Wharton School of Business”, there is some traction to that.

One of my team30 claims that it was none-other than Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles, the son of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the nephew of Kennedy foe, CIA Director Allen Dulles31 that told Donald Trump while he was attending Jesuit Fordham that, as good as a Jesuit education is, he needed to transfer to the University of Pennsylvania.

Executive Ordered

After it came to light that Rick Perry’s Chief of Staff, Mike Toomey, had received “hundreds of thousands of dollars”32 to lobby for Merck, Perry rescinded his royal decree.  Toomey is, of course, a lawyer.

The literal line of pre-teen bodies that would’ve bloodied Texas was averted.

That was not the case, unfortunately, in Roman Catholic Ireland where the “Health Products Regulatory Authority” has received 1,099 reports of adverse reactions and events associated with the use of the vaccine and nearly 650 girls in Ireland reported requiring medical intervention or treatment after receiving the HPV vaccine.

The “Irish Times” was quick to add that the “government watchdog” said that this should not be taken as evidence of a causal link and that the benefits continue to outweigh the potential risks.

Both the “Irish Times” and the “Health Products Regulatory Authority” have also found that leaping from 20-story buildings is entirely safe as long as the leaper avoids impacting the ground.33

Amazingly, Merck has had the revelation that it’s “anti-cervical cancer” vaccine worked just as well for young boys.  The United States government’s Center for Disease Control was eager to add its seal of approval.

In fact, an entire teen-sex angle was found!

The magical Merck vaccine was discovered to also prevent sexually-transmitted diseases that were peskily preventing pre-teens from participating in procreation.

Jesuit Theater

But the spin-doctors never stop.

In April of 2020, devout Roman Catholic far-Left funny-man Steven Colbert (now re-branded as a “serious journalist”) interviewed Bill Gates (now re-branded as a medical authority).  They told us that there would be no easing of government tyranny until we all get vaccinated.

Bill Gates, who gave a TED Talk about global pandemic preparedness in 2015, says scientific innovation in the areas of testing, therapeutic treatments and a coronavirus vaccine is the only way the world can return to “normal.”

Gates, rather appropriately called it, “the Final Solution”.

UPDATE: 21 October 2020

Don’t have the time to read this article?

—I’ll do it for you!


  1. The re-branding of the ridiculously-named “coronavirus” as “COVID-19” is meant to give it “medical” legitimacy.
  2. According to Mosciano SantʹAngelo Dr. Roberto Petrella, “COVID-19” stands for “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence”.
  3. Are we getting the inside truth from an Italian gynecologist?  —You’ll have to judge for yourself.
  4. William Henry Gates = 201 English Ordinal (20-to-1) ~ by the numbers with BigBozzBubba Bryson Bell!
  5. —“little-known” because the Gates billions have wiped the internet clean of inconvenient truths.
  6. This is a high priority for Rome and a sure way to make the Great Harlot happy.
  7. At the Bill Gates/Microsoft level, “taxes” apply only to the low and mid-range producers: the backbone of society.
  8. It is critical to note here that supposedly “beneficial” vaccines are a high priority for Bill Gates: why?  —because they’re not beneficial.
  9. I’m only slightly tongue-in-cheek here.  With good reason do we find that “Santa” is an anagram for Satan.
  10. You need to follow the money trail such as the article mentioned above as Melinda keeps this well hidden.
  11. Epstein has been in the headlines because he is also an expendable Jew: a shield for pedophile Romans to hide behind.
  12. —a thoroughly corrupt occupation even without billionaire bribes.
  13. Caption and names added for clarity.
  14. “Entertainment”.
  15. I’m not “square”, I’m saying there is an agenda here to normalize homosexual sex.
  16. I need to be precise because the internet is filled with controlled opposition who call anyone and everyone a “Jesuit” to discredit the truth.
  17. “User-edited” Wikipedia claims that “holism” was created less than a century ago by South African evolutionist Jan Smuts—an assertion which is ridiculous but necessary to maintain the lie of modern “medicine”.
  18. Yes, the same sickness that comes with a swarm of parasites known as “lawyers” eager to cash in.
  19. Being shot by a Bush family friend, notwithstanding.
  20. Actually, this is not a forced admonition of truth as the Rockefeller crime family are useful shields of deniability for Rome.
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  24. This is the purpose of the 2nd Amendment: to give citizens a fighting chance against the overwhelming might of tyrannical government.
  25. Remember this was written in 2014.
  26. Given that Trump was selected to be a mockery of Republican Right-wing impotence we can’t blame devout Catholic Joe.
  27. …Giuliani, though described as Trump’s “personal attorney,” … is, rather, a television surrogate … while taking advantage of attorney-client privilege to put himself beyond the reach of subpoena power.Vox” (Latin for “voice”)
  28. A “false flag” is any tragedy secretly orchestrated by an authority the citizens trust and blamed upon an adversary of that authority’s convenience.
  29. I’m finding rather consistently that anyone with a liking for the Latin word “veritas” tends to be an agent for Rome.
  30. Professor REPLY ALL George says he had, but lost, the citation.
  31. “User-edited” Wikipedia claims the Dulleses were good Presbyterians.
  32. The CIA’s own “Washington Post” supposedly exposed Perry’s Merck strings but minimized the numbers.
  33. As of this writing the top “story” being recommended along the sidebar of the “Irish Times” is a list of “famous” people we all love, cut down by the deadly coronavirus.


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