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I have meticulously given you evidence of the shocking assertion that your own government has been repeatedly killing innocent Americans and pretending to kill them to force the United States into an imploded, controlled Orwellian Police State:

* My column on the Clinton Administration showed you how independent Americans were targeted for extermination and to be used for political fodder. This was how “Deputy Director” Eric Holder was groomed with outrages like the Oklahoma City bombing to become the Attorney General that enables voter intimidation and gun-running to the Sinaloa drug cartel.

* My column on Sandy Hook put the depth of their clownish machinations on parade for you. Clearly the official story was untrue yet no one questions it.

* My column on the Boston Marathon bombing traced back the intertwined links between the CIA and their jihadi cutthroats-of-chaos.

* Those same jihadis have been repeatedly enabled to murder Americans and both Fort Hood shootings show strong evidence of this.

* I’ve shown you how the CIA is the Cocaine Importation Agency that kills those who get in the way as high as President John F. Kennedy and General George Patton.

* My column on subversive apparatchik Jamie Gorelick (also groomed in the 90’s) showed you the government is hiding something about 9/11, TWA flight 800 and the BP Deepwater Horizon spill.

* These bloodsucking Elites have turned your local peace officer into a hopped-up stormtrooper with delusions of warrior grandeur who shoot first and cover up later.


And now comes the case of Bowe Bergdahl, the wayward ballerina who defected to the Taliban. My column on Bergdahl showed that not only is he not what he appears to be but much more so his father.

This is not a showcase of Johnny’s columns but an effort to take you by the hand and walk you along a carefully researched path towards eyes wide open. Once there, you can pick up what I’m going to lay down for you…dig?

First, the lead-up.

On May 25th we read of how the Messiah Administration outed the CIA’s top man in Afghanistan. Immediately every single news outlet, without exception, decided they would do your thinking for you by calling it a “mistake”…a “screw-up”…a “boo-boo”. But those are all inferences. Real journalists report the facts and allow citizens to draw their own conclusions.

Again and again, Barack Obama has shown that he is at best warm towards Islam and at worst a closet jihadi, himself. The purposeful slaughter of Americans at Benghazi puts an exclamation point on this. That being said, it’s more than fair to ask, “What other CIA operatives, assets or operations were also disclosed or, at least, betrayed and later learned of?”

How did Bergdahl just waltz (or, rather, tip-toe) into the hands of the special network of Taliban/al Qaeda terrorists who are known to saw heads first and ask questions later? Possibly because they’re on the U.S. payroll.

The progenitor of the “Haqqani Network”—one Jalaluddin Haqqani—has been working for the CIA since the 80’s!

A warlord and head of the Taliban in North Waziristan, Jalaluddin Haqqani is believed to be the architect of the Taliban’s current attacks on U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan and he’s credited with introducing a new tactic—suicide bombing.

Haqqani has had a long history with Saudi, American and Pakistani intelligence agencies. During the Afghan jihad against the Soviets, he was one of the favored commanders and received millions of dollars from the West and Saudis, as well as Stinger missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, explosives and tanks. He became close to Osama bin Laden during the jihad and after the Taliban took control, he served as minister of tribal affairs in its government. He has worked with Pakistani intelligence for more than 20 years… ~ Militants—Jalaluddin Haqqani: Return Of The Taliban, PBS Frontline

Of course state-run “PBS” wants you to believe that there’s been some radical change in Haqqani and suddenly he’s a bad guy now desperately hunted by the same people who have been writing him checks all these years.

Not only have they been the scimitar of the CIA, but the UK, Italy, Pakistan—they are everybody’s bitch (except the poor innocent citizens blown up and beheaded by them).

Former ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha has admitted that the deadly Haqqani network was created by it and the US’ CIA and claimed that the insurgent group’s chief Jalaluddin Haqqani had “in fact been invited to the White House by President (Ronald) Reagan”.

According to the damning remarks by Pasha, leaked by al Jazeera news channel, the country under military ruler Pervez Musharraf and the US had reached a “political” understanding on the use of the CIA-operated drones targeting Islamist militants, notwithstanding Pakistan’s public denouncement of American strikes.

“Regarding the so-called Haqqani network, the DG ISI said that it had been created by both the CIA and ISI against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Jalaluddin Haqqani had in fact been invited to the White House by President Reagan,” the Abbottabad Commission’s leaked report said.

“ … The UK, Italy and some other countries were also in touch with them,” the report published by al Jazeera said.

Haqqani network, the main fighting force against the NATO troops in Afghanistan, has in the past been referred to as the “veritable arm” of the ISI by US’ former top military commander Mike Mullen. ~ Haqqani Network Created by Us and CIA: Ex-ISI Chief, Outlook

So confusing! Are they killing NATO soldiers and forcing your wife and daughter to be sexually assaulted be a TSA Neanderthal or are they our brave friends?

Both, I’m afraid, and neither are meant to help American citizens.

What if the CIA took a young, confused, impressionable youth who was desperate to be a Special Forces superhero and convinced him that he was going to infiltrate the Taliban and “go native” with them? CNN tells us:

Within minutes he was airborne. The helicopter’s rotors whooped so loudly that Bergdahl couldn’t communicate clearly with the men on board.

So he grabbed a paper plate and wrote three characters: “SF?”

The men understood: Special Forces?

The U.S. commandos didn’t bother to write back.

“Yes!” shouted at least one over the roar of the flight.

On the helicopter, with the knowledge he was in the hands of Special Forces, Bergdahl broke down and cried.

Was he crying just over his freedom, or because the ballerina was finally in the presence of the supermen he so greatly admired (Bergdahl had been a SAW gunner with the 101st Airborne)?

When reading the below story in the Washington Post, a good friend of mine who is former military noted; “…coded message to trick computer text algorithms. Plus 1 for your intel theory.”

On June 7, three weeks before he walked off post, Bergdahl e-mailed Harrison’s daughter, Kayla.

“if at any point in time, kim gets a call from red cross, or the mill, no matter when, in a week, month, or years. ... Keep her from panic and bad ideas. You know what I do, and ash I am still perfecting, actions may become ... odd. No red flags. Im good. But plans have begun to form, no time line yet. ... love you! Bowe.”

Alarmed, Kayla wrote back, “Exactly what kind of plans are you thinking of?”

“l1nes n0 t g00 d h3rE tell u when 1 ha ve a si coure 1ine about pl/-\ns,” Bergdahl wrote back the next day. “There is still time yet for thinking.” ~ Bergdahl’s Writings Reveal A Fragile Young Man, Stephanie McCrummen, Washington Post

One thing is for sure, with FauxNews blowing up the idea that Bergdahl was a traitor who wandered in with the Taliban, I know that can’t possibly be the whole story.*

the blondes of fox news

But how does this fit with all of the putrid, malignant things the CIA has done in the past?

Here’s a thought—they were creating a “white al Qaeda” patsy for the next terrible mass-killing.

Sound crazy?

America and Canada have seen no less than 5 mass-shootings in under 2 weeks, all were highly publicized, of course.

There are so many instances of guns being used by good citizens against predators they fill a web site regularly but not one of them will be seen on Fox News or any other corporate-controlled propaganda media program.

At least in Las Vegas, InfoWars is smelling a rat. So am I.

Jerad and Amanda Miller are suspected of having shot and killed 2 police officers and 1 citizen before (unfortunately for truth-seekers) dying at either the hands of police or themselves.

Quickly, sources told us that Miller was there at the Bundy Ranch, waving a Gadsden flag and screaming “Tea Party forever!!!” Shortly after that, the Caliphate News Network labeled freedom lovers as “worse than al Qaeda!” Obama lesbian freak apparatchiks like Interior Secretary Sally Jewell were eager to jump on board. TEA PARTY TERRORISTS ON THE RISE! It’s bad enough when the satanic Left put so many women in positions of leadership but must they all look so unwomanly???

Was Miller really at the Bundy Ranch? How did he get a firearm when he’s a convicted felon? These were questions that didn’t slow down any of the corporate media but they should bother you.

The King Messiah recalled how Australia reacted to the mass shooting in Port Arthur on 28/29 April, 1996 where 35 were killed and 23 wounded and was the impetus for draconian gun confiscation in the penal colony. Only 3 years later, the rugged individualist Rodney Ansell (known as “The Real Crocodile Dundee”) was shot down trying to keep his guns from being taken by a government SWAT team. So will end many of you in the near future.

It’s funny the man with multiple aliases who gives rocket launchers to jihadis and drug cartels mentioned Port Arthur. The number of anomalies surrounding that terrible event could fit another column, alone, like how it took place in a remote area where the first police dispatched took 2 hours to respond and did so without firearms. Part of the reason was that several cops were called away on a wild goose chase shortly before the shooting began. Being Australia in the 90’s there aren’t a lot of references but here’s an interesting web site with some tough questions and there’s this quote I found as a result;

“There will never be uniform gun laws in Australia until we see a massacre in Tasmania.” ~ New South Wales Premier Barry Unsworth, after a specially-called Premier’s meeting in Hobart, December 1987. Reported by the Sun Herald edition of 5 May 1996

The showdown in Nevada was such a resounding success for Patriots we all walked away thinking with trepidation, “It’s not over.” “They can’t be quitting that easily.”

Well it looks like the revenge plan has been initiated and they have the perfect puppet in the White House who has already vowed to act without Congress to start taking your guns.


* When I make fun at Fox News it’s not because I’m a Leftist but because I am deeply angry with Rupert Murdoch pretending to be real alternative “news” to the Marxist Machine hacks at CNN, PMS NBC and the like.

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