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Tue, 23 February 2016

What Is “Sin”?

“Keeping the Law” is very different from what the Papal-sponsored Judaisers are preaching. A listener and contributor to my program, Tony, sent me an e-mail recommending a teaching by Rob Skiba that gave away nothing on what Tony and I know as the “Jesuit World…
Mon, 1 February 2016

Hank Hanegraaff: the Papal Answer Man

“Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff and his “Christian Research Institute” are the Snopes of Western Christendom and, just like the devious couple behind “Snopes”, they work tirelessly on behalf of the Luciferian Elite to sow discord and protect the Final Beast of Biblical prophecy: Rome.…
Sat, 21 March 2015

Resistance Rising 006: Barakenaton, Where’s Putin?, Zionism, Pope & Pompeii Porn

______________ Obama Clone of an Egyptian Pharaoh? Akhenaton the Renegade Pharaoh ______________ Where’s Putin? Russia is preparing for something at the Kremlin while Putin's absence baffles everyone Swiss media reveals more about Putin’s girlfriend, baby PUTIN SECURITY CHIEF VIKTOR ZOLOTOV DEAD? ______________ Poking…
Sun, 27 October 2013

PROOF: You Are Being Played!

John Lear is the golden child heir to the fortune of his inventor father Bill Lear. His resume includes extensive work for the CIA and, having flown for a ridiculous 20 different airlines its clear he never left The Firm. In this episode of “Coast…
Sun, 8 September 2013


“Zionism” is the existence and prosperity of the Nation of Israel. To be vehemently against “Zionism” encompasses the Jews because (regardless of how anyone wants to carefully parse it, Jews have the most to gain from “Zion”). To be vehemently against “Zionism” is to join…
Wed, 3 July 2013

A Muslim Begs Israel to Invade Syria?

I have an acquaintance at the news agency Russia Today. A few days ago he sent me a link to this story Palestinians for Boycotting Syrian, Iranian Goods having been astounded by a quote from the organization’s co-founder, Samia Shoman: Casting aside her life-time enmity…
Sun, 7 March 2010

Psalm 83

In July of 2006, the muslim terrorist group “Hezbollah” conducted a pre-emptive strike against Israel from safe haven in Lebanon. First launching rockets and mortars indiscriminately into Israel’s civilian border enclaves, the Islamists then sent RPG teams into Israel to attack an armored Humm-V patrol,…
Fri, 12 June 2009

The Pathology of Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama has many Israelis and perhaps even a few Americans saying, “What the hell?!” On Monday (8 June, 2009), Obama spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. While he did, he made himself thoroughly at home in the most powerful office…