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Thu, 27 June 2013

Gender Bomb

“The military is a linchpin for all of society. It is a bastion of traditional values. Former communist David Horowitz recalls that during the ‘60s, radical Leftists determined that if they could destroy the U.S. military, they could destabilize the rest of capitalist America. Two…
Sun, 25 March 2012

Freedom News for Sunday, 25 March 2012

THE FOURTH REICH IN AMERICA TAXPAYER-FUNDED STERILIZATION OF GIRLS IN OBAMA-CARE, PROMOTED BY SO-CALLED “HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES” __________________________ EUGENICS ABROAD Australian Children To Be Sterilized Without Parental Consent Under New Eugenics Law __________________________ GUN GRABBERS CLOSING IN National League Of Cities Efforts To Ban…
Sun, 31 May 2009


“Christian officer!” I was so distracted by the heat and bustle of rushing through to get my lunch and get out of the “Dining Facility” that the voice directed at me took me by surprise. I turned to see a young black soldier with clear,…
Thu, 21 May 2009

How the Armed Forces Network SUCKS

Once you have to rely on the military for entertainment after leaving the States, you get…the “Armed Forces Network”. If you want TV, whether in an office or the gym or the “chow hall”, it’s AFN or it’s nothing. AFN is like the BBC from…
Wed, 25 May 2005

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Am I the only one getting concerned about the level of training our expert military is pouring into Iraq and Afghanistan? One need only go to the most radical Leftist radio show, TV program or internet site to be reminded of how America played a…